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Discussions at the first two SAMOS (formerly High Resolution Marine Meteorology) workshops revealed a need for additional training materials that would target marine technicians and users of SAMOS observations. Technicians noted that they rarely received adequate training on marine meteorological observation methods and they welcomed access to better training materials. The technicians also felt that receiving additional scientific rationale for marine meteorological observations would encourage the technicians to spend more of their busy shipboard schedule on SAMOS data acquisition. To address these issues, the SAMOS initiative is developing a handbook focusing on the best procedures and practices for marine meteorological measurements. Once the handbook is developed, the SAMOS initiative is considering hosting training workshops or summer schools for marine technicians. The initiative continues to encourage funding agencies to support human capital development through training and education.

Training activities are being spearheaded by Frank Bradley (CSIRO, Austrailia), NOAA ESRL/PSD, the SAMOS DAC, and members of the WCRP Working Group on Surface Fluxes (WGSF).