SAMOS - Cruise Data Availability
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Cruise Data Availability
July 2011: We are pleased to provide this tool to allow data access and downloading by cruise identifier.
The cruise identifiers are from a unique catalog maintained by the Rolling Deck to Repository Program.
NOTE - NOAA and several other vessel are not presently cataloged by R2R and therefore are not downloadable by cruise from this site.
Start by selecting the data type:
    Preliminary - only automated QC, multiple files for each day.
    Intermediate - only automated QC, merged to a daily file, no duplicates.
    Research - automated and visual QC, only available for select vessels and cruises.
Select one or more ships to see a list of available cruises.
Upon selecting one or more cruises in the below menu, you may choose either an overall daily quality
or to select specific variables. The variable fields will automatically update to provide only the
variables that the selected ships and cruises provide.
Multiple ships, cruises and variables can be selected by holding down the control (CTRL) key.
Please contact us if you have any questions.