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Data Availability: Intermediate
The purpose of this page is to allow the user to get a rough idea of the quality of data for a particular day broken down by ship and variable. The color boxes represent the relative quality for each variable as a percentage of the total number of one-minute samples available for that ship and day. To view a breakdown of the quality control for any given day, simply click on the respective colored box. For the preliminary data, multiple files may exist for a single day and ship. The data tables can be expanded or contracted and can be switched from sorting by ship to sorting by variable. At the bottom of the page, you can make selections by data quality, cruise, and variable to download the data. Based on your selections, you will receive the entire data file for a given day; however, you can choose to omit files with poor data quality for your chosen variable(s).

For more information on the cruises you can visit the Rolling Deck to Repository at the following link(s):
TN390 at R2R

Good Data (0-5% flagged as suspect)Use with Caution (5-10% flagged as suspect)
Use with Caution (>10% flagged as suspect) No Data Available

Contract All | Expand All
TN390 (KTDQ)

Data Download
Data qualityAny data
Good data only (0-5% flagged as suspect)
Choose a cruise
To select multiple cruises
use ctrl-click or
apple key-click
Type of dataAll

If your archive takes longer than five (5) minutes to start downloading, please use the FTP site or THREDDS as an alternative.
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